Preschool and Day Care

Currently enrolling!  The Friendly House Preschool boasts one of the oldest programs in Mansfield, providing the first free Kindergarten all the way back in 1918, and establishing permanently in 1950.  Since then, the Preschool program has flourished and grown into a successful place for children ages 3-5 to learn at their own pace through educational lessons and play as they prepare for Kindergarten.

The center is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m-6:00 p.m. Breakfast, a nourishing lunch, and afternoon snack are provided. Children participate in preschool classes as well as indoor/outdoor play and swimming lessons. Field trips are also scheduled. Not only does Friendly House provide hot nutritious meals, but we also provide a safe and stable environment in which each child learns social, physical and academic skills, which enhance their family life.  The children enrolled in the Preschool are learning at a young age appropriate behaviors and morals that will enhance their life as they get older.

In the Preschool there are two full-time instructors (one of which is the Preschool Administrator) and three part-time instructors. The Preschool Administrator has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. The experienced teachers provide quality social, cognitive, physical and emotional growth through a variety of learning activities.  All activities are balanced by age appropriateness and inspire creativity in a safe, clean and clutter-free atmosphere.

The Friendly House Preschool program is certified as a Four-Star Step up to Quality Program through the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS).  The Preschool is a low-cost child care program that is offered to the community, and is also contracted for payment through the ODJFS.   

For more information on Preschool enrollment, eligibility and costs, please call 419-522-5570 or contact the Preschool Administrator, Sarah Takos.