Formed in August 2017, The TPK Group (The Peppiest Kids) is a true 100% volunteer organization made up of former staff of Friendly House and Hidden Hollow Camp.  Friendly House made a significant difference to the persons we are today. Our mission is to support the mission of Friendly House and Hidden Hollow Camp through volunteerism and fundraising efforts.  To be involved with the volunteerism and events with TPK, please contact Greg Mead for more information.

2022 TPK Campfire Socials

These free events for the TPK members will be held at Hidden Hollow Camp from 7:00pm to 10:00pm (weather permitting) at the Campfire Circle.  BYOB and snacks.  No overnight camping.  Bring chairs and blankets for cool evenings.  Donations to Friendly House are always accepted.  Event cancellations due to weather or a last minute rental will be posted on the TPK Facebook page.

  • Saturday, April 23rd
  • Saturday, May 21st
  • Saturday, August 27th
  • Friday, September 9th
  • Saturday, October 8th
  • Saturday, November 12th

Weekend Of Giving – Annually, a weekend during the Summer

The main fundraising event for TPK is the Weekend Of Giving (WoG), which started in 2018. This event is held during a long weekend in summer at Hidden Hollow Camp and has met with great success.  Projects get done around the camp to improve facilities and give some areas of camp a much needed face lift.  To date, over $222,829 has been raised through both financial and supply donations; and, TPK has clocked over 4,474 volunteer hours.  All persons in attendance are volunteers who donated both time and money to participate in the weekend.

The AmazonSmile Friendly House Wish List is available to send needed gifts to Friendly House any time.  Follow this link to our Wish List.  There are many more projects to be done.

2022 Weekend Of Giving took place at Hidden Hollow Camp from August 11th through the 14th. 

FINAL 2022 REPORT LINK – This link details the final report the activities of the TPK Group during 2022 including the Weekend Of Giving. This report was submitted to the Director of Friendly House, Terry Conard and the Friendly House Board of Managers.

2021 Weekend Of Giving took take place from June 17 at 5 PM through June 20 at 11 AM at Hidden Hollow Camp.

FINAL 2021 REPORT LINK – This link details the final report for the 2021 Weekend Of Giving. This report was sent to the Director for Friendly House, Terry Conard and the Friendly House Board of Managers.

Other Previous Events

TPK also offers other social and fun events that continue to raise additional funds for Friendly House and the camps.  In the last several years TPK has sponsored several smaller events that still help Friendly House and Hidden Hollow in big ways.  To keep informed make sure to follow both the TPK Group and HHC Staff Alumni on Facebook.

  • CALL FOR HELP – STORM CELAN UP – The TPK Group offered immediate assistance to Friendly House due to storm damage.  We posted to our social media the call to action to arrive at HHC on Saturday, 6/18/2022 by 9:30 AM.  Volunteers were requested to work until 2:00 pm on that day, but quite a few stayed and continued to work until 4:00 pm.  Lunch and water was provided.  The volunteers helped clear paths and remove fallen trees throughout the property.  TPK completely cleared the path to the pond and to archery, as well as worked on several other locations. There were 16 volunteers who attended, adding approximately 80 volunteer hours.
  • HHC CLEAN UP DAY – On, April 2nd, 2022, we divided and conquered!  A group of about 14 TPK members got together and braved the cooler weather to clean up the HHC at the bottom of the big hill.  We removed and pruned some trees and bushes to bring the HHC back to life – we hope to see a new HHC grow in by the end of June! There were 15 volunteers who attended, adding approximately 75 volunteer hours.
  • 2ND EXIT PROJECT – On July 14th, 2018 at approximately 12:15pm, the horse barn at Hidden Hollow Camp burned to the ground. No campers, staff or horses were injured during the fire, but it was so hot it melted the siding from the Camp Director’s house across the drive. We were thankful that Friendly House was fully covered for the replacement of the horse barn and all of the destroyed contents.  Fortunately at the time of the fire, only HHC staff were remaining on site.  When the Fire Department arrived, they blocked the only entrance into camp and no one was able to enter or leave.  If this fire had occurred while campers were still on site, there would have been no way to assure parents that their children were safe on the other side or to get everyone out.  This is a situation that we do not want to be in again.  Because of you – our community, we have been able to complete the 2nd Exit at HHC!  A special huge thanks goes out to Joe Zara and Zara Construction, Inc. who made a major impact on the project by completing the driveway base and rocking the entire length of the drive. With out Zara Construction, this project would have taken several additional years to complete. Thank you Joe! Your team has made a difference and has helped Friendly House and Hidden Hollow Camp remain the great place that it will always be – a great safe place for kids to be kids.  
  • DO GOOD WITH BURRITOS! On December 22, 2020, Chipotle  at 2470 Possum Run Rd in Mansfield sponsored a fundraiser for Friendly House.  We were able to raise nearly $200 to help support Friendly House programs. 
  • IT WILL BE A HAY OF A DAY AT HHC! On October 28th TPK helped Friendly House load the barn with hay for the horses for the winter feedings.  It was a great work out!
  • CAMPFIRE AT HHC! – Not all of our events require sweat equity.  On OCT 10th about 24 friends joined each other at the big campfire circle to chat and enjoy the fall weather under a clear sky and next to a raging HHC campfire!
  • BED ASSEMBLY VOLUNTEER DAY at the NEW BARN – On Saturday, June 27th approximately 40 volunteers showed up in force to help assemble and put new counselor beds into cabins.  At the previous Weekend Of Giving, TPK was able to purchase new mattresses for all for all of the counselors.  During this event we were able to complete that project by purchasing the materials and building brand new beds for all of the HHC Staff.  Since this occurred during COVID-19 it was a safe and a social distanced volunteer event.  Lunch was provided to all cooked by Mr. Terry.
  • BIG STEVE SCRAMBLE – September 15, 2019 TPK held a golf outing at Little Apple Golf course.  The event was a scramble had over 80 participants enjoying a great day of golf, some great pizza and drinks, and wonderful donated door prizes.  To find our additional information, or to get on the list to participate at the next Big Steve Scramble, text TPK Board Member Chris Bottorf at 419.566.9666.
  • “UNDER THE STARS” ADULT PROM – Held in August, 2019 this first Re-Prom Dance was held at Snow Trails on Possum Run Road.  The evening was filled with old friends and fun on the dance floor.  Over 50 fans of Friendly House and HHC came out to help celebrate and donate to help the cause.  TPK plans to have the next dance at HHC in the Sky High Lodge!  If you would like additional information for the next dance, please text TPK Board Member Chris Bottorf at 419.566.9666.
  • VOLUNTEER DAYS – Occasionally on weekends TPK will hold a volunteer day at one of the Friendly House properties.  These are usually planned work details to assist Friendly House with a repair or improvement to a specific facility or structure.  These are typically planned at least several weeks in advance and are published as a Facebook event.  

To keep informed make sure to follow both the TPK Group and HHC Staff Alumni on Facebook.